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The Plus Programme at Davenport Lodge

Compliment your child’s early learning journey with the Plus programme at Davenport Lodge.

A child’s earliest educational experiences have a profound impact on their development: language acquisition, school readiness, self-confidence, and long-term success. That is why we are now offering Plus. Developed by early years teachers, our guided online programme helps parents accompany their children as they take their first steps in early learning.

The Plus programme provides:

  • Bespoke learning resources for you and your child, that mirror and extend their learning in school
  • Videos, including stories, lesson demonstrations, nursery rhymes and much more
  • Exclusive parent talks from specialists, such as speech and language therapists, nutritionists, and mental health professionals

The programme aims to help parents tune into their children’s first learning experiences and lay the foundations for our little learners at the very start of their educational journey.

Now taking registrations for November 2022

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