At Davenport Lodge Nursery School we aim to provide a supportive and structured environment in which babies and children, as they develop, are encouraged to recognise their individuality, efforts and achievements as happy and secure individuals in learning and social environments. We have a strong emphasis on personal, social and emotional development.

The development of personal standards and values is emphasised. Whilst change in our modern world is occurring fast some standards should not change. Children are encouraged in the development of good manners and an understanding of rules and how they help us. We support children to be able to demonstrate personal values based on honesty and trust, understanding, caring and respect for the diversity of others and their cultures. We offer a safe and secure environment in the school site and buildings and the group plans to develop the school’s potential for the benefit of children and staff.

Davenport Lodge Nursery School offers partnerships with parents through strong home school links to promote the well being and development of children.