Inspection Reports

We were rated Good in many areas of our 2015 ISI inspection. We are particularly proud of the comments that include:

  • ‘A strength of the provision is how well the teaching promotes the school’s aim to provide a caring and responsible ethos through close partnerships with the pupils in a supportive atmosphere.’
  • ‘From the EYFS onwards, pupils are able to express themselves fluently, orally and on paper. Pupils use a wide vocabulary for their age and read well.’
  • ‘Strengths are in the childrens achievement and progress which is good in relation to their starting points.’
  • ‘The majority of the children meet, and many exceed, the age-related expectations at the end of the EYFS.’
  • ‘Staff know the children extremely well, have high expectations, and enthuse and motivate them.’

We achieved a 5/5 score for food hygiene from the Local Authority.  Further details can be found using the link below.