About Our Curriculum

Davenport Lodge Nursery School aims to offer a curriculum which encompasses breadth, balance, progression and relevance taking due account of gender, ethnicity, personal and social development as well as equal opportunities for all children.

Our curriculum allows every child to move successfully through the Early Years Foundation Stage, to gain confidence as well as knowledge and progress toward the next stage of their learning. Our planning ensures a balance of child initiated and adult led activities that encourages the children to learn as they play and explore. We offer a range of activities including music, dance, karate, cooking lessons and PE.  These activities channel children’s energies and maintain healthy minds in healthy bodies.

Early Years Foundation Stage underpins the curriculum. Our programme is planned around the EYFS document developing the three prime and four specific areas of learning and the characteristics of effective learning.

The Headmistress feels that “The learning experience in the nursery school is enjoyable, engaging, rewarding and confidence building. Intellectual challenge is offered for each child as well as the opportunity to achieve very well in relation to their ability. The Nursery School prepares pupils extremely well for the next stage of their education”.