Nursery Fees September 2023


All Nursery fees (0-2years 11 mths) include: food, snacks, fruit, Pampers nappies*, nappy cream, baby wipes and sun cream.


(0-2 years 11 mths) 50 week attendance


Registration Fee (non refundable) £100
Fees in Advance (non refundable)

£500 if reserving 4-7 sessions per week (deducted from the first month’s fees)

£1000 if reserving 8-10 sessions per week (deducted from the first month’s fees)

Full Time

Full time is 10 sessions per week, Monday to Friday from 7.50am to 6pm:

Full Time per Calendar Month £1240.00

Part Time

Part time sessions (8am to 1pm or 1pm to 5.45pm) can be accommodated, subject to a minimum of four mixed sessions or 5 morning sessions each week – charges below are per calendar month:

4 Sessions £580.00
5 Sessions £695.00
6 Sessions £820.00
7 Sessions £955.00
8 Sessions £1090.00
9 Sessions £1230.00

Any extra sessions you may require outside of your child’s reserved sessions are subject to availability and charged at a rate of £68.00 per day (£35.00 per half day).

Childcare Vouchers

We are happy to accept payments from Employer Childcare Voucher Schemes in advance.


Fees are charged per calendar month, in advance and are due for payment, in full, by the 1st of each month to which they relate although discretion is given until the 5th. A late payment charge of £25 is made at 5pm on the 5th of each month.

If fees remain unpaid after the 5th of the month, a child may be excluded until the account is brought fully up to date.

If children are collected late, a charge of £20 per 10 minutes (or part of) will apply.


* Pampers nappies (or an equivalent premium brand) are usually provided, accept for in the event of supply issues.